Filtering/grouping custom meta-data

Hi there,

I’ve been using Scrivener for probably three or four years now, and frankly I love it. Custom meta-data is one of my favourite elements of Scrivener, and I use it for several things:

[] Delineating which ‘stage’ of the scene each text file is (goal, conflict or resolution),
] rr which ‘stage’ of the sequel is is: reaction, dilemma or decision.

I also use it to:

[] Define which of the ‘seven points’ from Dan Wells’ structure a given chapter (folder) occupies.
] Group different bands of characters (plot line #1, plot line #2, subplot #1, etc).
[] Assign different characters roles from the Dramatica lineup, so that I can search for ‘impact characters’ or whatever.
] Give each posted chapter a 1-10 indicator of the overall response from my various critique groups.

And so on.

This works… okay. The problem with it is that it requires rather a lot of meta-data fields, which is all right, but necessitates a great deal of scrolling.

What I’d really appreciate would be the ability to ‘group’ custom meta-data fields into collapsible sections, like a folder in the binder, and thereby organise them a bit better. So on a scene, for example, I could have the ‘sequel’, ‘overarching structure’ and ‘character info’ groups collapsed and only see the fields directly related to scenes. And so on.

As my usage of custom meta-data grows this is becoming a more and more pressing issue. Well, not pressing, but it is a bit annoying :frowning: I’ve already experienced moments where I want to add a new field and decide not to because I feel like I don’t have the space.