Hey Guys,

Anyone know how to export to Final Draft so that it includes page numbers? Every time I export a file to Final Draft from Scrivener, the Final Draft file has no page numbers. And I can’t seem to find a way to add page numbers within Final Draft. Any ideas? :blush:



I just sent a response to your e-mail; let me know if that sorts it out for you. I’m posting here in case someone else comes across this thread, so they know it’s being resolved.

Nevermind…figured it out. In case you’re having the same problem, here’s the solution:

In Final Draft
Click “Document” > “Header and Footer” > “Options” > Check the “Show Header” box > then click “Header” > click the “Page” box and you’re good to go.

AmberV’s directions work, too…but only if you’re compiling. I wrote my script entirely in one page, so there’s nothing to compile. Luckily there’s an easy fix in Final Draft.

Thanks, AmberV.

No problem! And you could use compile even with a single document project. There are some Final Draft specific features in the .fdx formatter that might be of interest to you, specifically in the “Script Settings” option pane; not to mention you get page numbers automatically every time you compile. So it can be beneficial even if you don’t need the “compile” part of compile. :slight_smile: