Final Draft import and split

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I recently started using Scrivener for a screenplay that I am working on.The slight problem I am having is that using the import and split feature only seeems to split the scenes if I use the separator # and place it before all the scenes in FD9. Is this correct? Every time I try to import using Scene Heading as the separator I get the script imported as one file in the binder.

I have looked around the forum and have found some useful tips, including using the # sign as a separator. I would also like to import individual scenes and saw a post on here, but I seem unable to do this too.

Another thing that I was wondering is whether it is possible to import FD9 scripts with the scene numbers, but perhaps this isn’t too big a deal as the scenes are imported sequentially.

I’m using Scrivener and FD9 on a Windows 8.1 PC

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I’ve got the same problem. Import and Split doesn’t work. # Doesn’t work either with my version.
Scrivener 2.6
OS X 10.10.2
Final Draft

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