Final Draft summary not showing up

I don’t know if it’s because I’m using FD9, but when I do a compile to an .fdx, the synopses do not show up on the summary side of the index cards in FD.

In the manual it says this:

It’s not doing this: Maintains synopses (as scene summaries)

Any clues?

That’s an error in the manual, I’m afraid (thanks for catching it). Scrivener for Windows doesn’t currently support compiling the synopses as scene summaries for FD.

Thanks for the reply.

Good, in that I thought I was doing something wrong. Bad, in that I wished it did.

Does it on the Mac?

I’m possibly going to buy a MacBook Air at some point.

It does on the Mac, and it will in future on Windows; the next major update will overhaul compile options and will get some more powerful features in there such as this option for FDX export. That’s still a ways off, though.

Sorry for digging up this old thread, but does the import currently support the synopses as scene summaries from FD/fountain on Windows? And what about exporting?

Scene summaries for FDX won’t be until the next major version of Scrivener, not part of the 1.x line. Fountain isn’t currently supported for import/export (in the sense of converting it to/from Scrivener’s script format; you can of course just write in fountain as it’s plain-text) but we’re working to make this part of the next minor update.

celebrates fountain news

Shhh, it’s a surprise! :slight_smile:

Hi-- I’m just wondering what is meant by the “next minor update”? We just had a MAJOR update (1.9) and I can’t tell if your post was written before or after that one. Probably after, since I have 1.9 and I don’t have Fountain. :wink: I’m writing my first screenplay in Scrivener-- kudos to you guys, for pulling me away from Movie Magic and Final Draft for the first time in two decades!-- and I very much would love to have Fountain export to help me get into some of the more clever page formatting programs. I like writing in Scrivener screenplay format, which, when I compile as a text document, doesn’t, for some reason, import into fountain-supporting programs correctly, although if I use my laptop (mac) and compile in fountain, it does.

This is one of those examples of me not learning until too late to keep my mouth shut about upcoming features. :neutral_face: Minor means a point change, as 1.8 to 1.9 (major are paid updates, going from 1.x to 2.x), but events conspired such that we had to put out 1.9, with the new file format changes, before we were ready to go with fountain. So that’s still in the cards, but it didn’t make it out for 1.9 as I had anticipated. I’m so sorry for my foolish ETA. You’d think I’d know better. Let’s pretend I never said anything, OK? Then whenever it comes out, you can just act super surprised. :wink:

Since you’ve got a Mac, your best option is probably to do as you’re doing, working in script formatting in Scrivener and just only compiling from the Mac. You could write directly in fountain on either, and compile as plain-text, if you were comfortable working directly in that format. You can still take advantage of auto-completes and such by switching the Corrections options so that the completions are always automatically suggested, not only in script mode.

Well no worries, and thanks so much for clarifying. The truth is, I have both versions, so it’s not a big issue. I think the mind pushes to optimize when confronted with less manageable problems, like, say, writing. :unamused:

Oh, you do that too? I tell you, it’s amazing, the things I can get done when I’m supposed to be writing. :slight_smile: