Final Draft

I have a friend who is a writer (playwright actually) and we were comparing the software we use for writing. I was telling her about Scrivener and she said she uses Final Draft. I haven’t really used Final Draft so I can’t really compare. How does Scrivener compare and what compelling arguments could I use to show her that?

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I suppose the main difference is that Scrivener is first draft software, whereas Final Draft… Well, the clue’s in the name. :slight_smile: They are, though, very different programs, and not really comparable, any more than you can compare Scrivener to Word (the next version of Scrivener features Final Draft export just as it currently exports to Word etc). Final Draft is for scriptwriting; Scrivener can be used for scriptwriting, but it doesn’t do everything a scriptwriter would need. Scrivener is a place to draft and shuffle your ideas around, and when that first draft is ready a scriptwriter would export it to Final Draft for final formatting and editing, just as a novelist might export it to Word.
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Thanks a lot Keith! That really helped.