Final feedback from an average user

I’ve had a long standing problem with compile and after posting in bug hunt I realized I really just want to write, print what I need to print when I need to print it and format it the way editors want it.

I love the idea of Scrivener, but I’m more representative of the average user. When I get up on these boards, I feel inept. Everybody here seems to know this program so much better than I do. It doesn’t seem as simple to use as it should be. Having MAC users answering questions is just confusing, because they say you can do X but you can’t, or you should, or it’s a bug that I can’t??? Or I’m just as inept as I feel. :cry:

Scrivener is superior to the work-around I’ve been using in Word but when I calculate all the time I’ve spent( which comparatively to other forum users is minute) posting about problems and trying to work around, I see lots of time I could have been writing and more importantly, lots of frustrations that sapped my creativity.

I’ve used Scriv since the first beta-- the first year I used it religiously but when my needs changed from writing to submissions, I’ve had so much trouble getting my stuff out of Scrivener and getting help. I feel that it’s a program for people who are involved in the forums and speak the lingo.

I don’t really want to be this involved with a program-- keeping up with the forums, knowing what the MAC version can do VS the PC version so I know whether I can or can’t do what the MAC user is telling me… or reporting bugs I think I have, waiting for answers, sometimes not getting any, sometimes being asked to send files, keeping up with the threads.

Gosh, I feel like I’ve just lost a new friend. :cry:
And I regret trying to help a Windows user with Mac answers.
But I agree that maybe you should go back to writing in a way that feels more comfortable.
Prior to 1980 or so, I did all my writing by hand, and then on typewriters.
When personal computers came along, my instincts said Go Mac and I’ve had no regrets.
I do think the Scrivener team do much to make their product useful.
Especially in the video tutorials, and the quick responses to forum questions.
Anyway, good luck with your writing and bon voyage.