Final script page number vanishes if I add back matter

Hi forum. I have a script with some back matter included. The goal is for every page of the script to be numbered, but the back matter to not include page numbers.

If I omit the back matter, the script prints with proper page numbering from start to finish. However, if I do include the back matter, the final page number of the script vanishes. That is, the final displayed page number is of the second-to-last page of the script, followed by a mysteriously non-numbered final script page, followed by the back matter.

I have peered at the various formatting options but remain confused. Suggestions appreciated!

Print the script and back matter separately to PDF, then combine the PDF files in Acrobat or other PDF editor.

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I appreciate the thought, but that’s a workaround rather than a solution.

Does Scrivener have a known bug, wherein adding back matter removes the last page number from the main content of a document?

There are some known issues with PDF output specifically. Do you see the same problem if you compile to RTF or Word?

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Often, the workaround is the solution. Good luck.


If I compile to RTF there are no page numbers. If I compile to Word the page numbers continue into the back matter (which shouldn’t have any).

Please open a support ticket, here:

Include a copy of the project. You can email a project by using the File → Backup → Backup To command, and checking the box to create a ZIP backup.