Finally: First Book on Amazon

After many years (I remember Scrivener 1.5) I finally have my book “The Messenger: Origins” on Amazon.

Thanks a million to Scrivener for helping me keep all of my ideas and research organized.

Hopefully the sequel will be out before the end of the year

Many congratulations, Jeremy. Well done!
Just downloaded ‘The Messenger: Origins’
An intriguing opening chapter.
The very best of good luck and success with your first novel.
Take care

Thanks, Vic. I hope you enjoy.

I’ve been off work the past two days and have been working on the sequel. I feel much better about it than the first one. I wonder if that’s normal?

It’s like learning to swim. The Messenger: Origins, was you losing your fear of water, practicing your swimming strokes, building up your stamina, and then setting off on your first length of the pool and subsequent return. The Messenger2 is your second length of the pool. Mentally and physically a more seasoned swimmer (writer).
Good Luck
Take care

My congratulations

Thanks for the encouragement.