Finally, I'm a writer...

Although only a journal article, it has been in review for a long time (without explanation) so is a relief to now see it in print.
And, of course, I can now call myself a published author. :smiley:

For those inclined to academia:
Edwards-Hart, T., & Chester, A. (2010). Online mental health resources for adolescents: Overview of research and theory. [i]Australian Psychologist, 45/i, 223-230. doi: 10.1080/00050060903584954

Now, back to the thesis… :neutral_face:

Congratulations! And good luck on your thesis. That is, of course, if luck is the appropriate thing to wish someone on their thesis.

Probably had your spell check switched off, nom, so they`ve had to send it away for translation.


As much luck as you need with the thesis (just make sure the spell check is on).
Good Luck

Congrats on the pub! :smiley:

As for my thesis, the data is in and the results are better than expected so I have good things to write about. All is well (as long as I don’t count the words).

Vic-k: Y wuld eye neid uh spill chuck? Wot or u insewerayting?*

[size=75]*Not run through my spell check[/size]

nufink `onist! :open_mouth: :frowning: