Finally Joined

I’ve been hanging out here for almost a year and I’ve been using Scrivener for about eight months. I thought it was about time I registered and said hello. It wasn’t just my need for this amazing software that convinced me to go with Scrivener but also the helpful and knowledgable community. But honestly there was no choice; Scrivener is unrivaled in its greatness. :smiley:

I’ve been writing since I was young. It’s what I’ve spent my life wanting to do for a living. Life however required a more practical path in order to sustain and manage the awesomeness that is having a family. I finished my college about a year and a half ago and came out with have two computer science degrees. One in Security & Forensics and another in Networking. I work full time in healthcare IT. I make decent pay, I have job security and I like and am good at what I do. I recently started looking into going back to school at the persuation of my management. But I had to decline. The idea of going to school got me thinking about what I really wanted out of life. So I am currently enrolled in SNHU for a BA in Creative Writing with a specialization in Fiction. I have always had a desire to understand more about the craft both historically and stylistically. I’m enjoying the hell out of myself now. I am currently working on three long term projects and working on a late draft of a short story that I fully intend to submit for possible publication.

Anyway… I just wanted to say hello and to thank everyone - no matter if you help make Scriverner or help users here in the forums - it’s a brilliant peice of work. This community is great. My productivity has trippled in eight months and even with a tight, limited writing schedule I have gotten more done in the short time I’ve had it than I have in years.

Ahh, young Master Alex, would but we could turn back the clock and help you escape from Scrivener, the ungodly Ship of Foolsbut I fear, young Master Alex, that time is its own master, and cares not a gorilla’s expellant for the the fate or well being of the nefarious, malingering malcontents that constitute the crew of this leaky old tub.

Welcome aboard Master Alex, and please accept my sympathy for this unfortunate turn of events. :frowning:

I just knew you’d say something like that. Gorilla’s expellant again, eh? You’re obsessed. You may be an educated puss, but you’re still obsessed. :neutral_face:

I am trying, Mr. Budjert, to rise above the prevailing norms when it comes to standards and aesthetics at L’Académie des Récidivistes Récalcitrants et Le Temple de Nihilistica. aka: Scrivener. But! Mr Budjert…it is becoming an increasingly arduous struggle. :imp:
Do take care

You mean to say there are some hereabouts?

Since when?

No one ever told

p Jameson

Take care Master P.
Sine Metu