first off: i would like to say sorry for my absence. but I’ve had much work to do since by boss deployed to Afghanistan with the Canadian military…so I’ve been working nearly 60 hours a week. :cry:

good news though!

Scrivener has officially payed for its self! i have recently won a poetry contest at school and today i went and claimed a $50 check from the English department!

sure, it isn’t much…but point being, Scrivener has been payed for. now i can go out and by chocolate bars with the rest of my winnings… or a few cups o-tea.

just thought I’d let you know :slight_smile:
a very happy

P.S: i missed you all

Chocolate and tea! A man after my own heart!! Many congrats, Eric!!! Today, $50 and a school contest. Tomorrow, who knows??? It’s just wonderful getting published!



Now we are talking!

Not even out of school and already collecting paychecks for work! Good way to look at it. SCR is paid for itself and now you can reap the rewards of all future profits because you have paid off your overhead.

I love hearing success stories no matter how big or how small.

It gives me hope that one day I might just actually finish my book!


Good Job Eric and welcome back.

PS: Be quiet about your prize money because if Vic-k hears that you got paid he will run up a large tab in your name in the Scrivener Bar amidship. :stuck_out_tongue:

actually alex, i was planning global domination next:) lol, but i think i’ll have to wrestle vic for that title because somehow i always suspected scheming on Le’D’s part. (and to let you know, i spent the extra money taking my girlfriend out and getting a cup of $8.00 white butterfly tea from the local shop. TO DIE FOR!!!)

and before i got this program i wasn’t sure i wanted to pay for a word processor… the only way i was going to is if i thought it would be beneficial in paying off it’s own expense… i was lucky:p

maybe poetry is my best bet…though i always thought of myself a crappy poet… ditches the two novels in the works and writes mad amounts of cheesy poetry

meh, maybe i’ll just stick to the guitar :unamused:

M`sieur Eric.
It would appear everything they say about the Colony of Canada is true:

Mere D Lucifer!!
Le D :imp:

^what do they say about canadians? i’m lost…

Mister Eric,
I think what that crud LeD means is, Canada is full of kind, sensitive and generous people, who wouldnt think twice about spending £4 on a cup of tea, for a loved one.

Take care Mr Eric

Here the only thing that is said about “the geese people” is “Ehh?”.

And vic-k, $CND4 is nothing like £4. it is more like £2.02. Hit F12 and enable the currency converter. Very helpful.

For the record (this of course assumes anyone is keeping a record of my idiot-syncrasies) any one who is unwilling to spend £4 ($US7.92) on a tea for the person who is supposed to be more important than self deserves the misery that they will endure. I bet Mr. Bob-the-Mad-man-Ueland would provide a much more detailed dissertation on how $$ or ££ should not be used to valuate the worth of an individual, but our world only seems capable of determining value by ascribing a fixed rate denominated in a currency symbol. Ticks me off, but $$ are easier to come by than a mate for life, so money flows like hot water into a tea cup when snort is concerned.

[size=150]Fluage Obséquieux [/size]

Le D :imp:

You are aware that there is a language translation widget as well?

Lets see if this one means anything to you…


“&–væ6¦F†.” With or without trailing punctuation M`sieur, tis Le Langage du Diable!!

01001100011001010010000001000100 :smiling_imp:

…i’m still not sure that i follow… i payed that much because it is specialty tea, it usually costs more. $4 per cup is actually cheap :stuck_out_tongue:

jeez, i missed you guys :unamused:

Before you can “follow” you must “understand”. So your case is hopeless as we don’t really understand ourselves. BUT… (or in vic-k’s case BUTT)

£4 == $CDN7.93 which you have to admit is a lot to pay for a cup o’ tea. vic-k, as is his habit, didn’t make the observation that £!= $. We will give him the benefit of the doubt and chalk it up to him being a 1 eyed, 3 legged, pirate dog who drinks to much. We won’t mention the whole multiple personality disorder or other potential mental issues as that would be picking on the disabled…

I of course decided to take M. Le D to task on the philosophical point that there should be no limit to the amount of $$ or ££ one should be will to expend on ones lover. His always witty retort was a result to name calling in a tongue which he is aware I am not conversant.

I once again rose to the challenge and utilized tools available to any mac owner, and provided a retort in a language that would require PSYCHOTHERAPIST intervention if vic-k managed to decode it. His reply of a simple Le D in binary using ascending bit order tells me he probably did not really decode my message. I think there was supposed to be more, but he lost something when he posted (did you get all the octets at the end?).

Welcome to the fun house…


perl -e 'print pack("b*", "xxx"), "\n"'
but replace the xxx with the long binary that I posted. [/size]

Eric wrote:

Right!! Listen up!! Pay attention.
Now then: Mr Eric pays $CAD8 per cup of tea made from Butterflies (I feel sure the WWF will have something to say about that!), for himself and his ladylove. That`s $CAD16 in total for two cups of…tea.

Our resident financial genius, Jaysen Rothschild, kindly informs us, that $CAD4 is nothing like £4, but is in fact, a midges didgy over £2. Try as I may, I can find nothing in his pronouncement with which I disagree. So: $CAD4 + $CAD4 = $CAD8
$CAD4=£2. £2+£2=£4 £4=$CAD8 = 1cup of tea

Are these what we`re talking about: … aposy.html
A pack of six costs $16 I will brew 80 oz of tea. The kettle below holds 57oz, so 1 tea posie will brew 1.5 kettles. For $2.5 you can brew 1.5 kettles. For $8 you can brew 3.2 kettles.

However, if we are talking about these:
You can brew 50 cups for $5.44. This equates to $ 0.1088 per cup
Do the math, as they say.<----- oops I nearly forgot the trailing punctuation :blush:

vic-k, I think you are using UK math. he paid $CDN8 == £4 for two cups. At least that is how I (the other person in this argument on the correct side of the pond to be having this argument) read it.

Now Eric, before vic-k goes and starts another viking on pirate tirade please tell us. Did you buy 1 or 2 cups of tea for $CDN8. Keep in ming that I, the crazy relocated southerner who is looking for a good brawl over nothing (all the recent points have been for good reasons and hence don’t count), am only a short drive away where as the crippled mutt is a LONG plane ride away.

On the other hand it is important to be honest.

Choose wisely.

Hey, a poet would have to do a better job than most of the dolts running things these days! Go for it!!! :smiley:

after rereading my original post, i realize Vic’s point: the tea, as in both cups, came to $8.00 CDN. i meant the both of use getting ‘a’ cup of tea. (this price does not include the delightful fluffy pastries mind you, but that is a totally different story all together…)

so you are both right…i was the one who was wrong…

i think… :confused:

and thank you alex :slight_smile:

Let’s blame vic-k. He is married therefore used to it.

Alexwein, did you mean s/would have to/would easily be able to/

As a “supporter” of the office of president even I must declare this particular round of office holders a … how do I put this mildly … mammoth cluster xxxx of impossibly arrogant and idiotic imbeciles who should have stayed under the rock where they were conceived. And I still think they were the better option at the time†.

Now every one hurry up and finish defaming my character so we can get back to the fun part of this thread.

† Consider what regulations Mr. Tree Hugger (of which I count myself one) would have passed. Now think about the current economy and the straights we are in. How would his presidency have supported the enormous public costs of the required welfare state to enable folks to meet those regs? By a mammoth increase in taxes which would have furthered the economic decline (remember that the start of the mortgage PRACTICES that cause the current crisis started under Clinton). At least this way we only have to deal with extremely high gas and slightly increased taxes.


He spent around $8 give or take (currency exchange rates)

He managed to spend time with his girlfriend AND didn’t spend that much.

He got off very lucky! He has shown his prowess and sharp intellect and wit. He managed to basically go out on a date with his girlfriend and he didn’t need to get a second mortgage on his house, pawn his TV, sell his boat, rob an ATM, or hold up a 24 hour coffee shop for hot lattes and cream.

The boy gots smarts

You can pay for all kinds of stuff if you’re not spending $300 million a day in Iraq.

Sorry, no one who voted for the current administration has any room to complain about the alleged fiscal irresponsibility of the other guys.