Find a word in Scrivener

I have found searching for a particular word in Scrivener works best by scrolling through the document and hoping I can see it, or by exporting into Word and doing the search properly.

Please help as this is obviously driving me crazy.

This is what I’m doing: I use the search box at the top right of my Scrivener window. I type in the word I’m looking for. The Binder now cuts to a new tab of ‘search results’ and shows me the (long) document I was already in. Then I have to scroll through the (did I say long?) document and look for the highlights. Edit Find Next sometimes finds the first one only, usually finds nothing at all, never finds the next one as its name implies. If I scroll, sometimes I don’t see the highlights because my document contains highlights of its own.

In short, the search function as it exists now, may ‘search’ but it doesn’t share the results with me, which makes it useless.

Appreciate any advice here as otherwise I’m loving Scrivener.


Did you try to enter the word in the search field right in the toolbar?

Do you mean a different toolbar to the toolbar I’ve already mentioned, at the top right of the Scrivener window?

Check the search settings. It’s possible you have some options set (maybe the defaults?) that are making it hard to find all instances of the word you’re looking for. Click on the magnifying glass icon in the search field to bring up the list of options, which are explained in detail in the manual, in Chapter 21, section 21.1.2. There’s a sub-section to that part that it titled “Search In”, which is where it starts to explain the various options.

Assuming everything is set the way you need it to be, and there isn’t some bug I’ve never heard of, then you should be able to click into the search results (the binder area), hit CMT-a to select all the documents, and maybe click on the editor mode button to see all the documents in Scrivenings mode. From there, a CMD-g (find next) should jump you to the next instance of the word you’re searching out.

Sorry, I skipped the middle part of your post :blush:

I’ve no idea if you’re a long time Mac user, but in case you’re not …
Have you tried the key combination, Apple f (sorry, can’t find the icon for the ‘apple’ key next to the space bar). Type the word into the Find window that pops up and hit return.

Thanks to rdale and Oak.

Rdale first - thanks, was doing all that, CMD-g does nothing. Let’s go with ‘bug you’ve never heard of’!

Oak - thanks, because of the presence of the search bar I never even thought to use the good old fashioned way! Thanks - that works just fine. It can be annoying, because hitting ‘next’ sometimes closes the search box, but at least now I can just re-open it when that happens and it stays open for a few more searches before deciding to close down again. At least now it searches! (btw I also call the command button the ‘apple’ button).

Don’t know why the one in the toolbar is so useless - one day I’ll see if I can edit my toolbar and get rid of it.

Thanks again to both of you for your help!

Apple g will find the next word whether the window is open or not (also at the fore, or not)

Thanks OAK - fantastic :smiley: