Find all documents with References?

Is there a way to search or list all docs that have References automatically (i.e. without manually adding a label or keyword)?

I did a search here and the manual and didn’t find anything.

There isn’t a way of doing that, other than just going through the list one by one and checking the Inspector. The main limitation is that there is no way to search for References. Otherwise you could use the trick of searching for “*” using Project Search with it set to only look within one area, like for example setting search to Label, and typing in an asterisk will return only documents that have been labelled.

Yeah, though that’d be the case.

Not a huge issue, but it’d be good if you could search based on attributes like “has Reference”, “has Snapshot” and so on.

I’ll submit it to the wish list after a think about what else could be relevant.

Snapshots will have a dedicated project-wide manager in the future, along with a search engine that can scour for text within snapshots.

Ooh, that’s a nice one. A gravedigger search.

Has this feature been added yet? It’ll be really helpful when you do. Thanks. David

No. I can’t speak for the development team, but this is the kind of thing that’s more likely to be part of a major new release than a “point” release. So more likely Scrivener 3.0 or later than any 2.x release.


Just wanted to query whether searching Snapshots has yet been added? I can’t see away to do it in the current Mac version.

Will be massively helpful when this is added, since version control of work and scripts will become much more powerful.


This, too, is more likely to appear in a major version than a point release.


Many thanks, Katherine