Find and Replace Bug


I think I’ve managed to find a bug with the Find and Replace feature, and I even managed to recreate it, here’s what happened.

I searched for a term in one document, using ctrl-f to open the ‘find’ window.
I found the term, entered a replacement for it, and that worked successfully.
I then went to the binder and highlighted several selections in Scrivener mode.
I did all of this without closing the find and replace dialogue box.
When I then clicked on ‘find’ in the dialogue box, the entire program shut down.

I tried this twice trying to follow the same steps so I could accurately post here, and successfully shut it down both times. Which is a good thing if you’re trying to find bugs, less so other times.

I hope this helps. Thanks!

[edit: Running Scrivener Beta 1.3 [of course] on Windows 7 Home Premium OS

I just realized that my bug is the same as the already logged [ctrl-f] bug.

I think the issue (which may have already been realized) is that when I clicked on the binder the program no longer keeps the document as active (when I hit page up or page down, it shifts the binder up and down not the document that I just opened.) So when I tried to click ‘find’ it had nothing to return, or something undefined and didn’t know what to tell me and poof. Now I have no idea if that’s correct or not, or whether or not it makes any sense by way of explanation, but it’s a theory, and theories are fun!

Sorry everyone!