Find and Replace bug

I’ve noticed this a few times before and I’ve had to search and find the errant text but now I’ve nailed the sequence. (2.0.5, OSX 10.6.7 MacBook Pro 5.1)
Original text:
“Charlene,” she said.
“And why are you here?”

  1. cursor between “here” and space after “and”
    Command F to bring up the Find window.
    Type Charlene in FIND, Birgit in REPLACE
    Result is this:
    “Charlene,” she said.
    “And why are you Birgithere?”

  2. Click REPLACE ALL and you get this:
    “Birgit,” she said.
    “And why are you Birgithere?”

This can’t right.
(Oh, I’ve been using Scrivener since the beginning. Love this software.)

Thanks for the kind words!

Actually the button is labelled “Replace and Find”, not “Find and Replace” - so it replaces what is at the current selection and then finds the next occurrences. So the behaviour is correct (test it in TextEdit and suchlike and you’ll see the behaviour is standard).

Thanks and all the best,

I think what happens is I sometimes click the “Replace and Find” instead of “Replace All.”
I will Command F my way to the original post and “Replace All” the word “bug” with the word “feature.”
(and then sheepishly go back to my writing)