Find and replace in Binder


As I can see I can find and replace in any text chunk or the whole project, but how can I find and replace just in Binder (i.e. in text chunk`s titles) (together or separately from the actual text) :confused:


In Edit > Find > Project Replace... deselect everything in the “Scope” other than “Title” (or also leave “Text” selected if you want to replace the term within the document text as well).

Thanks, MM, but it seems works for the whole project titles - can I replace text in some titles, selected separately - not in the whole project titles?

Ah, I see. No, as you noted, the project replace currently works only on the complete project, so if you need to limit the scope beyond that the replacements will need to be done manually. We do have plans to enhance this in the future to allow it to work only on selections.

Thanks again, MM. I got it. Looking forward to future enhancements.