FIND (and replace) not working

Hi, I found some mistakes in my ebook through another program. I want to make the changes in Scrivener for my paperback. But when I select FIND and type in the word, it says “not found.” I then type in a word that I used over 200 times and it still says, “not found.”

What is wrong with the program? How can I fix this?

I’m a newbie, but I have one thought on this because I’ve been similarly baffled by the search function before. And it turned out, of course, that it wasn’t the program’s problem, but mine. Make sure the Search field is set to search “All” and not some subset of your project. Do that by clicking the little magnifying glass in the Search field and selecting “All” before you do your search. While you’re in that drop-down menu, make sure there are no other conditions/parameters selected there that might be restricting your search.

I hope that helps. If not, you’ll need to wait until a more experienced hand shows up.

oops. Sorry. I just clued in to the fact that you’re asking about Find, not Search. Two different things. :blush:

Carry on…

You actually did help. I did the Search instead if the Find and it located it! Thank you. Strange, though, it pulled up 3 other projects as well in the search.

Oh, great. I’m glad you found what you were looking for!