Find and Replace

If this is available somehow, I can’t find it. I often change my mind on character names after I’m halfway through my novel. At that point, I have index cards, folders, text files, everything with the old character name. I need a way to find “Shayne” and change it to “Daric” across everything. Not just per text file (I have one for every scene), but across all the index cards as well. The index cards under “Draft” don’t match the index cards which correspond to my folders. I make a folder per chapter, and put the scenes in there. Might not be the most efficient way but there you have it.

Is there a way to do a global find/replace of the entire file including all the piece parts?

I think you want Find > Project Replace - this is find & replace for the entire project.

Hope that helps!

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OMG, would it be too much to say I love you? That is exactly what I needed! :smiley:

Every time I think I know this software, I find something new. Awesome.

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Glad it helped!

Is this available or will it be coming to Windows edition
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It should be in the Windows version already…

I couldn’t find it for changing the entire Project only for each file. I will head on over to the windows section and see if any one has talked about it there Thanks :smiley:

Dear Grandad, Please, please, don’t tell Kevin you love him!! :blush:

Hmm, Project Replace does seem missing in the Windows version. I should be in there before release, though, don’t worry.
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