Find bug in 1.03

I’m bouncing back and forth between a Word version of my text and my rewrite being done in Scrivener. Specifically I’m looking for the context of a phrase in Scrivener as it appears in Word. Causes me to do a lot of Find commands in both apps.

I’m finding that if I copy a phrase in Word to the clipboard and then paste into Scrivener’s already open Find dialogue the Next button greys out. In fact all the buttons grey out.

If I close the Find dialogue and attempt to re-open it, it doesn’t re-open. The only thing that works is to close and then re-open the Project. Only then can I get an active Find dialogue.

Behaviour is in 1.03.

Hope this helps,

Try downloading the 1.08b beta from the Beta Testing forum and see if this fixes this behaviour. I fixed a couple of bugs in Find for 1.08b but I can’t remember what off the top of my head…