Find by Formatting results of Comments and Footnotes only from Manuscript

It seems that when using Find by Formatting option from Menu-Edit-Find-Find by Formatting and set to:

  • Find: Comments & Footnotes
  • Search in: All Documents

I only get results from Manuscript folder, not the rest.

I have unchecked “Search Manuscript only” in the search options, but I don’t know if this option affects the “Find by Formatting” function.

Thank you!

I cannot reproduce this problem in a sample project (attached for your reference). In this sample I have created every type of formatting that is supported by the Find by Formatting tool, and everything can be found within both the Draft and Research folders (the sample document is identical between the two). (97.9 KB)

(Note: table searching has been broken since the start, so ignore that.)

Hi Amber, thank your for your answer.
Yes, in your example project it is working as expected. And I have open my project again and now it seems to be working fine… strange!
Anyway, please consider this problem solved.
Thank you!

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