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I’d like to say: I’m relatively new to Scrivener and this forum. I searched for this topic both here and in the Mac manual (since it’s slightly ahead of the Windows manual) and saw no mention of this feature.

Feature Request:
Find by Formatting - Screenplay Element - Action, Scene Header, etc.

When I import a screenplay and want to split it up, it would be handy to set up a “Find by Formatting - Screenplay Element - Scene Header” search so I can just hit ‘F3’ (or whatever) to find the beginning of the next scene, then hit Ctrl-K to do the split.

An extra nice addition (IMHO) to this would be if the search actually selected the entire Scene Header so I could use Shift-Ctrl-K to auto-name the new split-out as well. This would make the workflow: import script, Find by Formatting > Screenplay Element > Scene Header, Ctrl-Shift-K, F3, Ctrl-Shift-K, F3, Ctrl-Shift-K, F3, etc.


Even better, make the whole process automatic so I can select whether or not to split by scene while importing.

Have you tried using the “Import & Split” feature? This will automate the whole process. You can find it in File > Import > Import and Split. You choose the script element at which you wish to break up the file, which will save you having to go through everything and use Cmd-K.

Hope that helps.

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Perhaps this is a Mac-only thing. When I do an Import & Split, after selecting the file, I end up with this dialog (see attachment). I don’t see any way to indicate which screenplay element to use as a split separator.
Scrivener Import and Split dialog.png

My apologies, you are right, it is currently a Mac-only thing. I was testing on a development version of the Windows version - this feature is coming in a future update.
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Excellent. Glad to hear it.

Now, if those less cumbersome keyboard shortcuts for changing screenplay elements (Alt-C, Alt-S, Alt-A, etc.) are also in the next release, Scrivener would be a serious contender for Screenplay Software of the Year.

There should be a “Change Script Element To” menu coming which will have some easier default shortcuts and which can be customised. I’ll double-check that’s on the list for the next major update, though.

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I’ll keep my fingers crossed. :slight_smile:

BTW, I installed the beta looking for that import and split filter thing we discussed earlier. I guess you meant it’s coming sometime down the road rather than imminently coming.

Also, is there going to be another beta before release?

Yes, sorry, I should have been more clear. It was an in-house development version that is coming further down the road (not 1.7). I’m not sure whether there will be another beta of 1.7, as it is close to release.

Just chiming in to confirm this is all on the list for the next major release on Windows. :slight_smile:

Well, thanks for chiming in, MimeticMouton. That’s very good news.

When is the release? Or is it something you guys aren’t allowed to talk about yet?

Not so much as we’re not allowed to talk about it as that we don’t know yet. It’s all part of a huge release that is still in the early stages, part of a push to try to get the Windows version as much on a par with the Mac version as possible.

All right. Well, I guess I can’t complain about that. Thanks for the update… er, ah… information.