Find by Formatting text search error 1.2.5

I’m getting an error when using Find By Formatting to search for Highlighted Text.

When I input a search string into the Containing Text box and click Next, Find is returning highlighted sections that do not have matching text. In one case, I searched for important. The first return included the word, but the second sentence that returned as a match, which was in a different document, was You’re probably right.


Hi Gwen,

Yes, this is a bug that recently came to light, so it’s on our fix list. The “containing text” limiter is currently not working correctly for any of the FbF types (highlight, inline notation, etc.) Sorry about that!

Okay. Sorry if this was a redundant post. I didn’t find a mention of the bug when I searched the forum. Is there a dedicated Known Bug list that I’ve missed? Thanks!

Oh, no problems! It was actually reported earlier in an email anyway. :wink: There isn’t currently a public known bugs list, as it gets rather arduous trying to keep it up to date, but never worry about posting a repeat.