Find Dialog Covers the Found Word

90% of the time I search for a word, and it’s found, it is hidden behind the Find dialog. This happens because you put the Find dialog right in the middle, and you scroll the editor such that the word is right in the middle.

One solution is the remember where the dialog was last time we used it. That way, we could move to somewhere that’s unlikely to cover the word.

Yes, the latter option is what we want to do. Actually any utility window should remember where it was left, such as the Project Targets, Keywords and so forth.

That sounds good. And one other idea I had just now as I was searching for a word: If you made that dialog less wide by rearranging the controls, it would be much easier to keep it out of the way. For example, it could sit over the Inspector.

Related to this, I’ve used a macro utility to change how this dialog works. When I press Ctrl-F, Scrivener moves to the top of the document, and moves the dialog box out of the way.

I’ve found it’s nice not to have to go through the: “Not Found – do you want to search from the beginning?” steps.