Find documents that do not have keywords?

Is this possible?

Thank you

Yup! There are some “recipes” for advanced search techniques in the user manual, under §11.1.3, Special Search Terms. The “Finding Everything” and “Finding everything by type” tips are what you’re looking for. You set the search mode to Keywords, type in an asterisk, then invert the results.

This can be combined with other settings—for example you may want to only find documents in the Draft folder that don’t have keywords.

Thank you! It worked!

This works like a dream!

I am wondering, can keywords be batch-applied to the search list? So, if I want “haiku” applied to a non-contiguous list of items in the search list, can I choose Add Keyword (under the gear menu in the Inspector in the Keyword section) and tag them all?



You’ll find tips for keyword management in the user manual, under §10.4.2, Using Keywords. Specifically, search for the Assigning Keywords with the Panel subheading, and the section following that on removal, for all of the methods (including bulk actions).