Find Feature Lockup, Fullscreen Issue, Horizontal Scrollbar,

*Searching words using ‘Find’ from the ‘Show Text View’ mode (connecting multiple documents within a folder) reacts with no response or a program lock up.

*Fullscreen display will sometimes show all the text formatted to left side of the screen and wrapped in a narrow column. After closing fullscreen and clicking the inspector on and off, fullscreen displays properly.

*I’ve ended up with a horizontal scrollbar that I can’t seem to get rid of.

*Switching between large folders in the ‘Show Text View’ mode causes some lag and even shows the program as (not responding) for about 5 seconds. I don’t think it’s my processing speed.

I’m tempted to buy a Mac just to get the up to date version. Despite the beta bugs, it’s pretty awesome on Windows 7 and works with Dragon Naturally Speaking and the free WordWeb thesaurus.