Find Font? Replace Font?

I’m trying to do something that seems easy, but isn’t clear in Scrivener. (And I haven’t been able to get a response to this question.)

I want to replace one font with a different font.

In other software (Word, Illustrator, InDesign) this is called “Find Font…” or “Replace Font…”

I want to convert the project fonts to different specific fonts. I got a new computer and the fonts on my old computer are no longer available. My fear is that Scrivener has already lost all of the italicization etc for a 200 page document.

So…I want to covert Berling, Berling Italic, and Berling Bold
Berling LT Standard, Berling LT Standard Italic, and Berling LT Standard Bold.

Is there an easy way to do this? A Find Font feature?

I’m no fonts expert, so forgive the likely mis-use of terms here, but isn’t Berling the “main font”, with bold and italic variations? Or are they truly separate fonts? Like if you use a font manager (like Fontbook on Mac), wouldn’t you expand the Berling font to see “Berling Regular”, “Berling Bold”, etc…?

If so, then changing the font for your existing projects is a 2 step process.

First, go to Scrivener->Preferences->Editing->Formatting (if I recall the preference labels correctly). Change the font for the example text there. This will set the default for all new documents created in all your projects.

For existing files in your projects, you’ll have to select all the documents you want to convert in the binder of each project, and then use the menu Documents->Convert->Text to Default Formatting.

Thanks. Yes, this was one way to solve the problem.

It’s not quite as clear as I like though (for instance, what if you want different documents to have different default fonts?)

I’m just surprised Scrivener doesn’t have a “Find Font…” function per document.

The only way to have different documents within the same project have different fonts is to set the alternate font on the text that’s in the document. If you use document templates,and those templates have boilerplate text, that’s one (and probably the only) way to do that.

If you want an individual project to deviate from the global Scrivener setting for default font, go to the Project->Project Settings->Format menu.

I’m not sure why there isn’t a search by font option either, except that the compile process can normalize a variety of font uses within a project. It doesn’t technically matter if you use 20 different fonts on the same manuscript, the output could all be changed to Times New Roman, 12 point, if that’s the requirement.