Find function bugs[BUG LOGGED]

I’m having a couple issues with the find function.

  1. When viewing the draft (clicking on draft at the top left of the page) with full text view, if I search for a term it highlights the term in the document but does not auto scroll to it. It does seem to find the next term when I click next, but again, it doesn’t scroll to the term highlighted. It does autoscroll if I go to the individual notebooks within the binder under draft.

  2. I’ve been searching the same term in draft to try and figure out a rhyme or reason to it, but about half the time when I search in draft for a term and click next more than once the whole program crashes. (I’m running windows 7). I know it’s incredibly vague, but maybe someone’s encountered the same thing and has more info?

  3. This one you’re probably aware of, just a missing feature. When searching in any portion it doesn’t alert you if the term isn’t found, it simply does nothing.