Find is not working

I’m using version 2.6. Everything is up to date on the Mac. Help!

I didn’t work for me either, until I noticed that “Search excluded documents” was selected (click on the magnifying glass to the left in the search box). When I deselected it everything worked the way it’s supposed to work.

Thanks! Going to try that right now!

Found it, but that didn’t work.

You might need to reset the search index. You can do this without restarting, just go to the File menu, hold down the Option key and select the Save and Rebuild Search Indexes command which will appear.

One question though: you do say “Find”, which is different from Project Search. Find pokes around through the text in the editor using the familiar pop-up window with the replacement field built-in. Project Search is of course the toolbar utility. These are entirely different beasts, and the above trick as well as the exclude documents tip will do nothing for how Find works.