Find: my files are all over the place within Scrivener

i’m sure this has been covered elsewhere and I would appreciate any pointers of any type that will get me the information I need. Is it possible to search for files across projects from within Scrivener? Or do I have to do it from the finder on a Mac? If the latter is true is there anyway to make that a manageable task?

There is no way to do that in a friendly or simple fashion, unfortunately (although potentially a third-party search engine might). It is not possible from our side, and Apple’s searching tools do not look inside package formats like .scriv. They will index the Quick Look preview, so you can sometimes find things by name or synopsis if they are listed in that preview—that’s not really something you’d want to rely upon however, and disregards text content.

Once we set aside the basic front-end, the Mac itself has powerful features for finding stuff, just as all UNIX systems do. This very topic was discussed a few years ago in this thread. The first method is more comprehensive, the second makes use of Scrivener’s own internal search indexes rather than trawling through every single internal file that exists in all of your projects (a number that could easily crawl into the thousands).

Thank you very much.

Have you considered a program like Pathfinder? It has the capability to search packages across folders. I used it to search for conflicted files in various Scrivener files I’d managed to corrupt (such (self-inflicted) fun). I’m not sure if it can search for text within a file, but as Spotlight does that, it probably can as well.

Good luck.