Find Next/F3 does not work as per tutorial (ver.


I just downloaded and purchased Scrivener (Windows 7 x64, version and read through the tutorial. I noticed that after searching for a term, e.g. for “collection” as the tutorial suggested (i.e. entered in the top left edit box, adjacent to the blue Inspector button), the Edit->Find->Find Next option/F3 does nothing at first. However, if you open the find dialog via. Ctrl-F and search, then the Find Next option works. Is this by design? In case yes, then the tutorial may need to be corrected.


Could you specify what part of the tutorial you’re looking at? I found this in Step 12: Project Search:

This does work as described, but as it doesn’t mention “Find Next”, I’m not sure this is what you’re looking at. Find Next doesn’t work until there is a search term to find, so you would need to open the Find dialog first to enter one. If you can point me to the part of the tutorial that confused you, I’ll take a look. Thanks!