find next

Could someone tell me how to find keywords across multiple documents?
I get how to find the documents with a keyword, let’s say “boundaries” but how do I move through each of the instances of this keyword across all of the documents it occurs in?

When you say “keyword” here, do you mean just a search term that occurs within the document text (as opposed to a keyword that you use to tag the document and which is listed in the keyword tab of the inspector)? If you run the project search for the term, you can load the full list of search results in the editor in Scrivenings by clicking the “Search Results” header bar (not the tab, but the bar right above the “Search Results”, “Label”, and “Status” column heads) and then if necessary choosing View > Scrivenings (Cmd-1). Now you can just use Cmd-G (Find Next) to jump through each instance of the search term in all the loaded documents.

yes, I mean within the document text. i have not moved into tagging on my own.

thank you! i was able to follow your directions and this is precisely what i was looking for!