Find number of times some text appears?

Is there a way for Scrivener to tell me how many times a certain text appears in a selection of documents?

I want to search for the total number of footnotes by asking how many times the character “{” appear (my footnote opener).

Or is there a better way?

Thanks much,

I couldn’t see this in the Find… dialogue. However, I did a search on “(” and then replaced it with the same thing - then I clicked “Replace All” and it told me how many times it had replaced it. Result : no actual change but I got a total.

That’s crazy clever. Though I don’t think I’d want to change the modification dates of all my documents.

It does seem like maybe it’s missing option? I’ll add it to the feature requests.

If you use inspector footnotes, you can set it—I can’t access my computer at the moment to find out how—so that if you do a compile to something like RTF, the footnote numbers will appear in the inspector footnotes. You’d only have to look at the last one to know how many. You could then delete the RTF. If you add more, however, you’d have to repeat the process.


If you don’t want to change the Mod Date, then just duplicate the project and do the Find / Replace All on the duplicate, deleting it after you finish.