Find & Replace[BUG LOGGED]

Not sure if this is a bug, or just a missing feature that I would find really handy. Oh, and one bug apparently (now that I double checked something)

We’ll start with the bug. Whenever I simply use the ‘Find’ feature for something, the page will skip down to a place as if its found the word, but nothing will be highlighted. Once I close down the ‘Find’ window, the word I was looking for is highlighted, but given that I usually need it while using the ‘Find’ window that’s rather inconvenient.

The second part, the bug/missing feature, has to do with the ‘Find & Replace’ aspect of the ‘Find’ feature. When you use it to replace anything, it gives no indication that the action has been performed. I used it to change a character’s name, and ended up hitting the button several times before it occurred to me to actually check the document. With that said, I’m not even sure the ‘Replace & Find’ button works properly, since I can’t determine what it is actually doing. (It is also a rather confusing button to me since I would assume one would have to find the word before one could replace it.) The ‘Replace All’ button works for my needs, but again gives no indication that anything was replaced.

I find Word’s feature where it pops up with a window that tells you it was replaced and how many words were replaced rather handy. The ping and pop-up let me know that the action was successfully completed and the number helps me know roughly whether or not I accurately indicated what needed to be replaced.

I hope this was all logical. Let me know if you need clarification.