Find/Replace Dialogue [Wondows version]

(Sorry if this has been posted by someone else. I looked, but hard to see.)

The Find dialogue is really annoying:

  1. the Find/Replace window pops up on top of the edit window - very intrusive. Can we have it off to the side pls - or at least remember where I moved it.
    Search on the toolbar is not intrusive, but repeat Find (F3) works of the ‘other’ Find.

  2. if you repeat Find (via the Find dialogue) and loop back to the top of the doc - keep pressing Enter, but then the focus changes to the Edit window and if you’re not careful, you start entering line feeds into your doc

  3. minor - it’d be nice if Find/Replace told you how many changes it did

  4. very minor esthetic - can we make the red box highlighted text less intrusive.

PS - I use Scrivener A Lot; it works rool good thanks.