Find & Replace for multiple words

Hi there.

Sorry, but this feels like a dumb question, but I’ve searched and searched and can’t find the answer. Find and Replace is great and works perfectly, but if I want to replace more than one word I get no results!

Eg: I want to replace: ‘said Ethan’ with ‘Ethan said’

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks - Mark

Works fine for me.

Have a look at the settings for Ignore Case, and those in the drop down list on the right hand side. Perhaps one of these isn’t suitable?

Did you include quotation marks — single or double — in the search or replace?

If so, the search will probably fail. Try it with no quote marks at all, just the two words.


I figured it out… I was using: Project Replace: which didn’t find anything. But by doing Apple+F it called up a different search and replace box and worked.

Makes me wonder why there are two Find & Replace features, and what Project Replace does exactly - because despite saying it finds text in the entire project, it definitely didn’t. Anyways, Apple+F worked :slight_smile:

Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 19.56.11.png

The “Whole Words only” operator doesn’t work with phrases, it looks like. I tried with it on and off and got similar results to what you describe. The way that should work, in context with a phrase, is that either end of the phrase would not accept additional characters, as can be tested with the Cmd-F panel. I’ll check and see if that is intentional.

As for what the difference is: Scrivener is internally speaking a format that uses many files, all presented as one cohesive project for you. Project Replace goes through every single file within the scope you set up and runs the replacement. This could in large projects mean thousands of files are being processed behind the scenes—that’s why there is a hefty “No Undo!” warning, and why such a potentially hugely destructive command is not wrapped up in a familiar interface like Cmd-F.