Find & Replace in Corkboard View

I’ve just completed a first draft but I’m now reconsidering the name of my lead character. It’s not the first time and I know I can use Find & Replace in scrivenings mode to change it across the whole manuscript.

The issue is that I have also used the character’s name in the corkboard (66 of them). Obvious I’ve tried Cmd+F which doesn’t work but is there a quicker way than editing each of the 66? I’m terrible with character names as far as changing my mind is concerned.

You need to be doing a Project Find and Replace (not at the Mac at the moment so can’t remember the exact title, but it’s on the Edit > Find menu).

This feature allows you to specify which part of the text you want to operate on - you want to choose the Synopsis option (the text on index cards is just the Synopsis under a different name.)


Brilliant, thanks.