Find/Replace MS Crash (Beta 11)

When I did a find/replace all for my entire manuscript of a misspelled name, I crashed the current Scrivener 3 Windows Beta. It should be noted that it actually DID succeed in making the changes, notified me two changes had been made, and then crashed when I tried to reopen the menus. However, even after the crash, it saved the changes.

I will say I have a large project - the manuscript itself is 110k words, and there are multiple screenshots of every document, a bunch of front and back matter, and a ton of research material as well (I write in High Fantasy of a world of my own imagination, so there are a TON of notes I need to keep track of to make sure I don’t ever contradict myself).

I have not tried to replicate this, just wanted you to be aware of it in case you get other complaints.


Hi Sparrowhawk,

Sorry for the delay in responding. I have not been able to replicate this crash. Would you be willing to send us a copy of the project so that we can take a look at any specific settings / elements that may be causing this? If so, please send it to and add a link to this post.

Thanks for your help with this.