Find/replace text style

Good morning Scriveners,

Is there a way to do a find/replace based on text style? For example, to replace all underlined words in a document by boldface?

Could not find it in the manual or here on the forum; if available though, maybe someone could be so kind to post a link.


I don’t think there’s a way to search for formatting, but in the Transformations section of the Compile dialogue, there are check-boxes for a few things, like straightening smart quotes and converting underlines to italics or vice-versa. Maybe one of those addresses your needs?

I’m having the same issue (sort of). I want to replace plain text titles of films (I’m editing a non-fiction book about film) to italicized versions of each title. I can Find/Replace the titles, but can’t replace them with italics. Anyone have a solution to this?

You can search for formatting with [b]Edit/Find/Find by Formatting...[/b], and setting the tool to finding “Character Format”. So in your case, MaxG, you would set this to underline, and then just hit the Next button, followed by Cmd-U/Cmd-B and then Next again. That’s got to be less efficient than just sorting this out in a word processor after you have compiled, though. Word processors typically have more control over formatting, and most offer some kind of special interface for searching and replacing format in such a way that they could all be done at once.

That might hold true for your follow-up question as well, writebear, but it depends on the source material. If you have a handful of unique text phrases throughout the document that need to be italicised, you might as well just do that with Scrivener by hand using search. If you have hundreds of them, many being the same film title over and over, then something capable of changing the format of a search result will work better for you.

writebear: you might try going to Markdown style italics. First though you would have to change all existing italicized words to Markdown style (Format - Convert - Italics and Bold to Markdown style). After this you would search and replace each film title, say Cinema Title, with the same string surrounded with asterisks, Cinema Title.

Any way you do it, writebear, you will likely need to do some eagle-eye copyediting to ensure no mistakes creep in.

– asotir