Find « returns « and "

Perhaps this is (yet another) case of “operator error” here… I’ve got a variety of ‘mental’ speech in my current project. For the time being, I’ve decided to use the guillemet: « and » for one type of mental speech. Today, I searched for « and my results return both « » and open and close (double) quotes.

How can I tell Scrivener I really only want it to find the actual « ?

If you switch the search operator to RegEx, it will match only the left guillemet exactly (or then search for «|» if you want to locate either).

So, an «operator error» after all.

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How does that happen in Windows if guillemets and quotation marks have different Unicode and UTF-8 identities? (Thankfully, macOS doesn’t have this behaviour.)

It’s a setting in File > Options > Editing.

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Many thanks, @AntoniDol. :clap:

Can’t see anything like that in the preferences for Scrivener for macOS. And still don’t understand why a user would want to have guillemets and quotation marks identified as the same character, but clearly some people must have that need. Would have thought there was greater functionality for them to be and remain discrete (as the OP expected). Mysteries of the universe. :face_with_monocle:

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I didn’t see anything in this menu that would (appear to) affect the quotes / guillemets, but I haven’t tried MimeticMouton’s RegEx suggestion yet.

The setting for using Guillemets is not in the menu where I expected it to be:


It’s in File > Options > Corrections > Corrections
But that’s a general setting for the entire application, not for using them interchangeably.

It seems that using the RegEx search option for Guillemets is your best option for finding them apart from normal quotation marks. If you want to find text between Guillemets, use the RegEx operator with:

«.+?» (meaning: match for “«”, then match all consecutive characters, until you find “»”) shows a result for this RegEx.

You, sir, are the better half of the internet. :grinning: Thank you for this. :slight_smile: My CompSci years are so far in the past and you know how it goes . “Use it or lose it”.