find/search in only specific folders in the project


I’m using the find feature where it takes over the left pane with a list of occurrences of your search target. Unfortunately for me, it searches the entire project and I have a lot of content that isn’t part of the manuscript. I want to search only in the ‘manuscript’ folder.

Is it possible to do this? I’m on version 3.1.4 (build 12105). I’ve tried googling this repeatedly but found no combination that gave relevant results.


Do you know about the search settings menu interface or is it not doing what you want? You can access it by clicking the downward arrow next to the magnifying glass. You can limit your search using one or more of the Options (Search Draft Only = Search Manuscript Only), and whichever else delimiter that would help.

Reference material in the manual at section 11.1.2, Search Settings.