I’ve been using Scrivener for about two months. I love the organizational features. I’m doing well finding and discovering it’s features, but one has me stumped.

I want to change a character’s name in the entire MS, but not straight through. In some instances it will be changed to the character’s formal name and in some to their nickname. When I do a find it highlights the name but does not select it. As soon as I make one change all the highlights disappear and I have to do the find again. What I want to do is change the color of all the found names so they are easy to find when skimming the MS.

In MSWord I can do a Find, then check Highlight all items found in… It highlights and selects the words and I can then change the color or style. Is there a way to do this in Scriveners? I can’t find it.

Also, is there a way to ‘see’ all the scenes and chapters texts as one doc, in an on/off sort of feature, so I can skim through all the pages quickly?


Hi ChrisO,

Are you using 1.54? If so, there are a couple things you can do. First, to keep the highlights, go to Scrivener>Preferences>Text Editing and toward the bottom under “Editor Options” deselect “Editing clears highlights.” Second, use the shortcuts cmd-G and cmd-shift-G to “find next/previous” in the document–this will select the search term, and you’ll be able to easily replace it with whatever you want, then hop to the next, etc.

Finally, yes, to see all your documents together use Edit Scrivenings. To easily do this with all the documents in the Draft containing your search term, run the search via the text box up in the right corner of the Scrivener window, using the dropdown to refine the search to only items in the Draft folder (this is because Edit Scrivenings only works for documents in the Draft folder). Then select all the documents that come up in the binder search results (you can select the top one, scroll to the bottom and shift-click the last to get them all, or click one and then hit cmd-A to select all) and use the Edit Scrivenings button in the toolbar or go to View>Edit Scrivenings>Selection (or opt-cmd-4). This will let you use the above “find next” trick to go through all your manuscript documents quickly.

Hope that helps!

Thanks so much. This is great. Love it.