Finder like browser back and forward buttons over binder

I am starting to use Scrivener to manage all my todos and projects. I definitely am learning to use it with the mind to get to my book(s) which still need writing. I am aware that I use specific text that I create in the binder and those areas I am working on will sometimes have a link created and pasted into the main work area. It is therefore simple and fast to click on an area I keep notes for example, but then I want to return to the page I was on.

I was thinking it would be a nice feature if Scrivener had the backwards and forwards arrows similar to the Finder and to Browsers. In other words, when I click from one note to another note I might want to hit the back key and simply return to where I was.

The Editor pane in macOS Scrivener already has Back and Forward buttons.* They look like this: < >
And they sit right at the left in the title bar above the main area of the Editor pane.


  • Not to mention the Next Doc / Prev Doc buttons which work down/up the Binder, rather than through view history.

Oops, that’s great. Missed it. I was looking for it at the top of the binder window like Finder and browsers. Thanks for pointing this out. Much thanks.