Finding a document in Binder

I am wondering whether search functions differently in Scrivener 3 than it did in Scrivener 2, or maybe I have a configuration setting set incorrectly.

In Scrivener 2, when you searched for a word or phrase in your manuscript (using the search field in the toolbar), Scrivener displayed the documents containing the word. You could then see where the desired document fell within the overall Binder structure - as shown in Step 3 in the attached image.

Scrivener 3 does not seem to do this. After performing a search, I merely see the overall Binder structure. Binder does not expand the folder structure to display the document (the one in which the search term was found).

Any thoughts on this? Maybe there is a way to achieve the goal some other way?

There was a small tweak there in that you now have two different ways to close a search:

  • With the Navigate ▸ Reveal in Binder (⌥⌘R) command. That will open up folders and do whatever it needs to reveal the selected search results. It sounds like that’s the one you want to use.
  • The regular old “X” buttons or clicking on the tab. That won’t disturb your binder layout.

Navigate > Reveal in Binder does the trick. Thanks!