Finding and replacing / removing paragraph returns (on iPad)

I can do this on both Mac and Windows, but I can’t figure out how to do it on iOS (on my iPad Pro). Does anyone have any hints or suggestions on how to search for/find and replace/remove paragraph returns? On iOS? On my iPad Pro?

Thanks in advance!

I would recommend using the app Clean Text by Apimac.

Lots of tool for working with text including removing returns. Or maybe you want to just remove any empty lines.
The tools you should look at in Clean Text

Returns with Spaces
Two Returns With One
One Return with Two

Empty Lines

Remove Returns
Remove Empty Lines

A quick copy and paste into Clean Text
Sort out the problems and copy and paste back into Scrivener

Thanks! I’ll look into these.

My workflow starts with writing in MyScript Nebo which prefers text separated into discreet paragraphs. When these are imported into scrivener, they all have a line feed/carriage return/whatever between them. Content written in Scrivener sees double paragraphs as a section break. Removing these extra lines on Scrivener Mac is easy (find PP and replace all with P), but on my tablet (iPad), Scrivener won’t see returns in the Find/Replace dialogue (go figure). To save a round trip to the mac, especially when I’m “out in the field” [cafe] or “in the field office” [pub], I’d love to be able to strip these in iOS.

Thanks again for the tips. I’ll have a look.