Finding cursor position in items that have lost focus now takes 3-5 clicks instead of 1-2

I constantly click on different items in the binder to move between them as I review many other things I have written as I go. Scrivener remembers what page I am on in each section, and also where my cursor is. However, it won’t show the cursor unless you are in the text window. In order to move to the text window without clicking inside it, which would move the cursor, I used to tab twice from the binder or once from the item title box (in Scrivener 1.9.16). However, the tab order includes additional cells in Scrivener 3 that get in the way, so it takes 5 tabs from the binder and 3 from the item title box. I would really appreciate it if the original tab order could be restored so I could return to where I was without losing my place. The Scrivener manual says of the binder that “Managing items and navigating among them is one of the chief areas of this program’s design,” and where the cursor is in each item is an important part of that. Unless there is an easier way to make the cursor reappear, fixing the tab order seems to be the best solution. Thanks.

The quickest way to focus the editor is using the Navigate > Move Focus To > Editor shortcut, which is the “Win+[” key combination.
The tab order depends on which is your current active Scrivener area. Meta+Alt+E is the new shortcut to cycle through the Scrivener main areas.
You can of course reassign the shortcuts in a way that suits you best.

Thanks, that does it! I reassigned it to Ctrl-Tab so I can type it without thinking about it. This improves on 1.9.16, where this function doesn’t appear to have been keyboard assignable, only on the menu, which why I used tab.