Finding deleted text

I did a save of a new version over an old version of a Scrivener project. I want to retrieve an old paragraph from the new saved document. I have reason to believe the old paragraph is there somewhere, because when I search via the mac system for a word that is in that paragraph, the Scrivener project comes up.

But I can’t find the word using the find box in the upper right hand corner of the Scrivener project. Is there somewhere else in the project it could be? I didn’t take snapshots as I went along.

It sounds like you may have multiple versions of the project on your computer, then–maybe from doing a non-zip backup at some point. Use Spotlight to search for your word again and then open that search in Finder so you can check the entire file path on the project. Assuming it’s a different project from the one you’ve been working in (e.g. same name but different location), you could open it and copy the text from there to then paste into your current version.

Depending when you deleted the text, you might also have an automatic backup containing this, so you could go to Scrivener > Preferences and click the “Backup” tab, then click the button at the bottom to open your backups folder in Finder. You should be able to sort these by project name and date, so you can copy out these .zip files to your desktop and open them to take a look at the projects inside to see if any have the text you’re looking for. (You may want to choose File > Back Up > Exclude from Automatic Backups for each of these backups when you first open them in Scrivener to prevent extraneous backups.)