Finding documents w metadata vs keywords

I’ve been struggling for some time (like years) trying to get a large family history done, describing rural village life in Hungary to the disparate paths my family took in World War 2 (hiding, in concentration camps, forced labor, etc.) to their coming to America and rebuilding their lives here, though scattered across the continent.
There are multiple sibs. Here is a sample outline for one of them;

Prelude to war
Transport to ghetto 2
coming to US/
life in US

others are similar, also w family relationships
lessons learned, etc.

I have numerous transcribed oral history interviews and a number of source documents and photos.

If I go through the transcriptions, I would like to tag them to be able to search later by the specific person, time period, and specific incident (e.g., holiday).

Please help me understand what might be the best way to tag to enable searches.


This what keywords are for. The key icon above the Inspector pane will bring up the keywords for the selected document. – Katherine

Thx. But can you then search for Person A and Place B and another attribute to weed down the possible hits and be more specific?
Appreciate your help.


Yes, you can search for multiple keywords. You can also narrow the search scope to just a selected group of files.


You may have trouble because of spaces in your keywords though. The search function looks at each word individually, so it will find “in” embedded in mutiple keywords even if you’re searching for ‘exact phrase’.

Edit your keywords to have dashes ( - ) underscores ( _ ), or other linking characters instead of spaces. Or RunWordsTogether in your keywords, capitalizing each word to make it easier to read.

Thanks for the replies; I’ll try as soon as I come up for air from work and let you know…