Finding my personal word list


I’ve recently completed my free trial of Scriv 1.9, purchased a 3.0 licence and moved my project over from 1.9 to 3.0.

The default language for 3.0 is of couse English US, but as a Brit I have changed it to English UK.

The issue is that it has removed all of my personal word additions, of which there are hundreds as I am midway through a fantasy novel.

Changing back to English US hasn’t solved my problem, as when I ‘add word to dictionary’, the list is now blank on both settings.

I still have 1.9 installed as well as 3.0 and have been looking through the software files hoping to find a copy of my personal dictionary to no avail. I really don’t want to go back through all my work, language files and lore documents to manually add each word again.

Is there a specific location for a file containing these words, or a setting I am missing somewhere?

Many thanks.

There is a central word list that you should be able to copy over from the old installation. Your previous one will be found at:


For the new location, you can just use the File ▸ Show Application Support Folder command to open another Explorer window.

I’m pretty sure the format of the file is the same, so you should be able to just copy it from one folder to another. But to play it safe, I’d open both in Notepad, after adding a few dummy words in the new version, and ensure they use the same listing approach.

You’ll need to restart the software for it to reload the new list.

Thanks! That worked perfectly!

EDIT: (Not sure how to edit a previous post)

It was working… all of a sudden it isn’t.

Not sure what changed it as I was filling out some character sheets when all of a sudden all my made-up words now are red-lined again.

I checked the personal words list in the options under ‘spelling’ and all my words are there, but the software isn’t implementing them into my work for some reason :neutral_face:

Does it go back to working universally if you add a new word through the UI? Is it only failing after restarting the software entirely, or reopening the project? I’m not seeing this happen on my end, but I haven’t done a full test of generating a list in v1, then copying the file over, and restarting v3. I can’t imagine why they would show up properly in the word list tool but not work otherwise though. If there were a syntax difference, it would make more sense that they wouldn’t show up in the list either.

Strangely, I’ve loaded up Scriv again today and the words are all registering fine, so at the moment I’m not sure what cuased the issue, if it is now fixed or if it will happen again.

I will keep an eye on what I am doing and if it breaks again I will let you know what it was I did that caused the issue (but hopefully it is sorted now). Thankyou