Finding Papyrus Italic

I’m just moved to Mac and set up my beloved novel in progress on Scrivener to find that my favourite font, Papyrus, so easy on the eye, doesn’t come with an Italic or Bold version in the Mac fonts which is more than disappointing. Can anyway tell me where to get those fonts or e-mail them to me if you have them?
Many thanks

I suspect it is standard on the Mac (at least on Leopard). Go to the font chooser, and look under the Fun family.



Papyrus is, but not its Italic or Bold versions at least not in Snow Leopard. They would show up anyway wouldn’t they wherever they were on the computer when I tried to highlight text and turn it into Italic . . . which I can’t.

There is no such thing as Papyrus Italic or Bold. Windows can fake a complete font family by slanting and thickening the regular typeface, which is probably what you saw.

That`s what I was thinking, but apparently there is :open_mouth:
P.S. Or apparently not if you read the comment section of the website. Looks as though our Mikethebook is there already!

Very disappointing! The only way I can see of getting a Papyrus Italic Font is to create one from Papyrus through not inexpensive software like Font Creator. The trial version wouldn’t allow me to save a created font . . . obviously. So now I’m looking for a new font to use to write my novel. Can anyone suggest an alternative to Papyrus that also has an Italic version?

I find Optima to be a pleasant font to work with. It includes all of the permutations.


It seems to be characteristic of sans serif faces, those easy to read on screen for extended periods, that there are no extra forms. So I also have settled on Optima.


Thanks guys. See as how it appears to be Keith’s font of choice too I’ll give a try.