Finding personal word list

Hello, I can’t for the life of me find my personal word list in a document I’m working on. What is the in-application route? So not username/applications/blah blah blah but file>options> whatever. I googled it and looked in this forum but I don’t have an “options” option under “file,” running 3.2.3 on my MacBook Air. The in-application search is not helping. Thanks!

On Mac Options is not under File
I believe it is under Scrivener or something like that. And is called Application preferences.
I am a windows user, so I can’t be certain.

[EDIT – Since I happen to have the manual, I decided to check : ]

I’m not finding it under preferences>spelling or preferences>corrections.

I don’t know.
But here is what I would do:

With spell check turned on, voluntarily misspell a word.
Now that it has the wavy underline, right-click it.
Among the menu that appears, there should be two options:
One to ignore the spelling, and one to tell Scrivener to learn the spelling.
Whatever the formulation is for “learn the spelling”, search the manual for that.


Is this question even spellcheck-related? :thinking: There’s also an autocompletion list under Project → Project Settings…

It is spellcheck and not autocomplete related.

Alright, then you’re probably looking for the file LocalDictionary in ~/Library/Spelling/

(This folder is most likely hidden by default, but you can navigate there via Finder → Go To… → Folder…)

ADD: In case you edit LocalDictionary (it’s just a plain text file with one word per line) it could be necessary to logout / login in macOS for the changes to become effective.

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There it is—thanks so much!!

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